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Clear Choices 
Consumer-focused brochure features a "Lifestyle Questionnaire" and presents information about lens design, materials, and treatment options in easy to understand terminology.  Order in packets of 100.
Brochure Holder - plastic tabletop holder - FREE with every 3 packs of Clear Choice.

2013 PROGRESSIVE Identifier
The Optical Lab Division's (formerly OLA) annual compilation of the markings on all progressive addition lenses in the market.  Includes extensive indexing and cross-referencing.  There are indexes for:

Z80.1 -2010 Quick Reference Guide
One page, convenient table format, summary of the specifications in the ANSI Z80.1-2010 Standard for Dress Eyewear - heavy laminated stock.

Indispensable Dispensing GUIDE
This 40 page book is a valuable handbook for the Eyecare Professional.  It provides an overview the optical laboratory, the basic anatomy of the eye, descriptions of various lens styles, materials and treatments.  In addition, the reader will learn how to assist in eyewear selection and properly align the frame for the patient.  A handy guide for the office!

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